AS we all know Salman Khan is the most popular & successful superstar in the history of i4Hindi cinema & ruling on box office by giving back to back blockbusters.His stardom is totally different from others stars,Whatever he do it becomes trend & everybody love to adopt his style.

Along his successful filmi career he is hosting the #Biggboss #BB7 reality show on #COLORS TV.Like his blockbusters movies his impressive hosting make the #BiggBoss show the most watchable & entertaining show,PPl are totally hooked with show & it is the hot discussion topic today’s life.

And the main reason of this great attraction for #BiggBoss is #SalmanKhan & his remarkable & cheerful #hosting.On #Weekend Ka Wow in #BB7 with Salman Khan he interacts with housemates & show the audience what they did in the whole week which is usually consists of such stuff which could not be properly shown on national TV for so many reasons.Because every body in the Bigg Boss house for voting is playing game which sometimes turns dirty & contestants cross limits which is against the #BiggBoss rules.At that time #Salman play the perfact & responsible host & justified according to the situation, on Tv they cant show the whole situation,fights & many more interesting suff which is not suitable for family audience.

In previous Weekend Ka Wow one contestant behaviour was abusive & disrespectful towards a female contestant during task,Salman asked him U did wrong,always keep Ur attitude respectful towards females.Some bunch of idiots started criticism.Otherwise as a host Salman did the superb & perfect job,We are always proud of him & all those who are spreading -ivity due to  jealousness,nobody care about them. Salman is the most entertaining & popular host in the history of TV.

Contestants of Bigg Boss house are under agreement to follow the rules & who will not he or she get punished by Bigg Boss the person who watch them & keep an eye on the contestants for 24 hours.

Its a game show & all sensible viewers understand this but there some idiots who take it very seriously & by ignoring this fact what their favourite contestant did wrong,start to crticise Salman & Bigg Boss which is totally #childish #attitude,Salman & Bigg Boss are handling show & responsible that ppl only watch #family stuff & if some contestant do or will cross limits,definitley they will interrogate him or her & will try to correct their aggressive & abusive attitude towards others housemates which is totally justified,Now all those who have problems with the formate of show,if they want they watch if not then dont watch the #BB7.Its very simple its the game & enjoy it like game.

We always believe #SALMANKHAN is the most #FAIREST & the #BESTEST #HOST.

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Some days ago a blogger who called himself journalist by writting the dark stories about Hindi cinema claimed that Salman Khan asked him to remove two blog posts which is  totally rediculious claim.We all know Salman Khan being the most popular superstar is always in news n Salman Khan neither clarify anything nor forbidden Media till now.How can we believe blogger baseless claim which is truly a publicity stunt n putting this on his blog expressing his clever motive behind all this drama.Blogger is truly promoting yellow journalism because his mostly blogs are about the personal lives of stars n is pure interference in other’s privacy.Noteable thing is that he removed blog many days after its posting on blog if Salman Khan has problem he asked him before,why Salman Khan will ask him after so many days.And that blog was also not something very secret evry body knows about it.

Now what happened after that another respresentative of yellow journalism n publicity seeker pick the blog because its evry where on the internet n she used copy n paste tool very intrestingly n wrote a ridiculous article that any human being who is peaceful by heart can understand her prejudice against Salman Khan,definitley both r jealous of his success n respect which ppl have for Salman Khan,that journalist with her post try to support another bully blogger who is actually bullying actors with his false n negative articles,Ravinder Patil got what was in his destiny,his family or police department r responsible what happened with him,Salman Khan has nothing to do with it,Salman Khan cases r pending in court n law will decide no other human has right to comment on it.We all believe on Salman Khan n know he is innocent.Evry tom n dick who is jealous due to his success n criticizing him due to his cases I only ask them take care about their lives.Sometimes anything could happened with them too.So be humans n spread peace n give other person chance that he prove the truth.All those who r wise clearly will understand actually who is bullying n taking advantage in this matter.Salman Khan is the best human being n through his Being Human foundation n Being Human brand supporting n saving many lives n setting examples for others to do the best for ppl n society.Judge evry person by his actions never by rumours who always spread by idiots n believe by idiots.Peace for all.

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